Who We Are

Our Philosophy

At The Children’s Tooth Spa, we are so excited about the limitless possibilities our team has to take care of each patient and their smiles in a family-centered practice with compassion and empathy. 

As a team, we also strive to comfort parents in a relaxing, peaceful environment while earning confidence that we are caring for your child in the best, safest way possible. We know the comfort and joy that comes from seeing our children treated with thoughtfulness, kindness, and gentleness. It feels wonderful when a neighbor, a teacher, or a health-care provider shares a little light and kindness to allow us to just take a moment and a breath while feeling secure that our child is in good hands. Our intention is to make every dental appointment a place of ease for the kids as well as the parents. We believe that if the parents feel relaxed, secure, and cared for, their kids will feel that too, and everyone has an amazing experience.

Our Core Values

We believe in our 6 Core Values:

  • Caring for our patients' needs safely with compassion and empathy 
  • Empowering and inspiring everyone we serve, which is where The Children’s Tooth Spa was born  
  • Providing high-quality care safely with integrity, authenticity, kindness, and empathy
  • Serving with a positive, caring, high-vibe attitude
  • Laughing, having fun, and doing what we love with joy 
  • Valuing diversity, inclusivity, compassion, and empathy. We welcome all!
Our Core Values are exemplified each day in the four walls of our offices but also in our communities away from our workplace.