"When patients leave our office, the feeling we want instilled is that your teeth are important, your health is important, and you are important."
~ Dr. Jenny

The Children’s Tooth Spa: A NEW Kind of Kids’ Dental Care in NoLibs

Exciting news for kids and parents in Philly: a whole new concept in pediatric dental care is now available, serving toddlers to teens! The Children’s Tooth Spa in the city’s Northern Liberties section is a welcoming place combining compassion for patients with amazing advances in care such as sealant, tooth-colored fillings, and silver diamine fluoride to treat small cavities. In everything we do, from cleanings to extractions to baby root canals, we abide by a set of core values aiming at treating teeth while developing a positive attitude in your youngster towards dental care. That’s why a visit to our state-of-the-art office is SO comfortable, with TVs in every room. You and your child will learn something from each visit. Your little one will be SO much at ease she just might surprise you by looking forward to her next appointment!

Our Pediatric Dental Practice: Advanced Methods with a Gentle Touch

Dr. Jennifer Pinero is a graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry and board certified in pediatric dental care. After eight years at another successful practice, becoming clinical director and a partner, Dr. Jenny has established an office where she and her dedicated team can fully realize her goal of combining the leading edge of preventative and restorative care, high quality pediatric dentistry, with a deep respect and empathy for sometimes apprehensive young patients. From your 1-year-old’s first dental wellness check to routine cleanings, digital X-rays and fillings, to oral surgery and orthodontics for teens, the Children’s Tooth Spa is ready at EVERY stage of your child’s development to address treatment or with a quick referral to trusted specialists. As a mom of a young child herself, Dr. Jenny has the warm personality and gentle methods to keep your child calm, such as explaining every procedure in simple terms before doing it. If your child has been very frightened by visits to other offices, we offer nitrous oxide sedation to smooth over her visits and safely get procedures done. Valuing diversity and inclusivity, Dr. Jenny also has much experience serving special-needs children to make their experience at the dentist a good one.

The Whole Spectrum of Children’s Dental Services

Our progressive pediatric dental office works both to treat problems gently and effectively but also to prevent conditions early on. For instance, Dr. Jenny and her team offer habit counseling and correction for thumb-sucking, which can affect tooth development. Because children are so active, running and playing, and older kids are involved in afterschool sports and hobbies such as skateboarding or mountain biking, accidents happen. Dr. Jenny and her practice are ready for ANY child’s dental emergency, such as knocked-out or broken teeth, either treating it ourselves or with a quick referral to trusted specialists.

At last, here is a great chance to teach YOUR youngster that good oral health can be pleasant and even fun! Schedule your child's next appointment at our pediatric dental office in Philadelphia, PA, conveniently located at 2nd & Brown Streets. You both will LOVE the Children’s Tooth Spa experience.