"We are deeply honored and grateful for the tremendous support in choosing us as the Best of Philly.

Choose where you matter, where your child matters, where your family matters. Choose The Children's Tooth Spa, where experience matters."
~ Dr. Jenny

What makes us different?

  • We strive to deliver a luxurious experience with clinically excellent results
  • We strive to go above and beyond to cater to each individual's unique situation
  • Our empathetic and compassionate team values servitude and gratitude in all we do
  • Our office provides a calming and peaceful environment for both parents and patients to set the tone up for success

What dental services do we provide?

    Babies laughing at a Pediatric Dentist


    • Sleep Dentistry using general anesthesia
    • Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) 
    • Comprehensive Restorative Treatment (white fillings, crowns, nerve treatments, extractions, space maintainers)
    • Silver Diamine Fluoride 
    • Preventative Dental Care (cleanings, fluoride, exams, sealants, thumbsucking and pacifier habit counseling, nutritional counseling)
    • Specialty Referrals to orthodontics, oral surgeons, general dentist, endodontists, etc
    • State of the Art Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging 
    • Dental Emergencies ( knocked out tooth, trauma, etc) 
    • Second Opinions
    • Consultations for Sleep Dentistry or in office treatment


    If your child is nervous for treatment, what can we do to make them more comfortable and reduce anxiety? 

    • Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas 
    • Behavior Management Techniques - Tell Show Do or Distractions
    • Newest Generation TVs and IPADS with all streaming APPS
    • Noise Cancelling Headphones 
    • Weighted Blankets proven by studies to reduce anxiety
    • Aromatherapy
    • Music of patient's choice
    • Oral Sensory acceptable flavors and smells - chocolate, marshmellow, grape, orange
    • Exciting Rewards, Prizes, Balloons, and more

    What makes Dr. Jenny different and stand out?

    • Board - Certified Pediatric Dentist
    • Practice Dentistry for over 10 years
    • Experienced - seen over 1 million patients in her career
    • Sleep Dentistry Expert - treated over 6,000 patients under general anesthesia
    • Previous Clinical Director of large corporate company while leading Quality Control Committee
    • Delivers clinically excellent results that are transparent and clear to parents
    • Practices evidence-based  dentistry under AAPD guidelines
    • Northern Liberties community member and mom of two boys
    • Bilingual with diverse background - Spanish and English
    • Mindful, empathetic, and compassionate

    What amenities do we offer for parents? 

    • La Colombe coffee, lattes, teas, handcrafted infused water, and water bottles
    • Ipads with streaming apps
    • Phone and computer charging stations
    • Comfortable luxury seating
    • Bathroom supplies for all babies and children of all ages
    • Private mother's nursing station
    • Large windows with city views
    • Warm lavendar towels for aroma therapy
    • Additional nicieties to create a comfortable and relaxing waiting environment for parents as well

    "When patients leave our office, the feeling we want instilled is that your teeth are important, your health is important, and you are important."
    ~ Dr. Jenny


      At last, here is a great chance to teach YOUR youngster that good oral health can be pleasant and even fun! Schedule your child's next appointment at our pediatric dental office in Philadelphia, PA, conveniently located at 2nd & Brown Streets. You both will LOVE the Children’s Tooth Spa experience.